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Bree Gordon: You’re Not Breaking Up Your Family, You’re Breaking Up Dysfunction

March 9, 2020

In today's episode, "You're Not Breaking Up Your Family, You're Breaking Up Dysfunction", author, speaker, and advocate Bree Gordon joined me to discuss: ⁣

  • ⁣How she fell into the trap of staying in a dysfunctional marriage because she didn't want to break up her family⁣
  • What made her decide to stop being an emotional martyr and protect her peace and the emotional legacy of her children ⁣
  • How she overcame the shame of divorcing a man that she experienced 3 of the 4 A's with in her relationship⁣
  • What steps she took to gain the confidence, clarity, and peace she has in her life now⁣
  • How some religious leaders condition women to stay in toxic relationships⁣
  • And SO MUCH MORE!⁣

⁣Courageous Tribe, get your drink of choice and listen in on this courageous conversation TODAY!

Bree Gordon's contact information:


Instagram @writtenbybreegordon


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Note:  If you’re experiencing the 4 A’s (Affairs, Addiction, Abuse, Abandonment) or emotional neglect in your relationship, please seek professional counseling to receive the proper support you need.  You can also reach out to the National Domestic Violence Hotline at or 800.799.7233 to receive resources in your area. 

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