For Love Only: Courageous Conversations

What Would You Do? Galentines Version!

February 24, 2020

I just love a juicy women's only chat! So in today's episode, "What Would You Do? Galentines Version", I invited some of my girlfriends to answer the following questions: ⁣

1. What would you do if you knew your close friend's partner was cheating on her? ⁣

2. What would you do if someone outside of your race wants to be in a committed relationship with you? ⁣

3. What would you do if your partner wants to have children but you didn't (or vice versa)? ⁣

4. What would you do if a man wants to date you but didn't have the same educational credentials you have? ⁣

My oh my you all do NOT want to miss these answers! Damita, Erin, Jamila, Marla, & Melisha thank you all for lending your voices to these great topics. Ladies, get your drink of choice and listen in on this courageous conversation!⁣

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Resources: For information and support for sexual assault- and ,

Note:  If you’re experiencing the 4 A’s (Affairs, Addiction, Abuse, Abandonment) or emotional neglect in your relationship, please seek professional counseling to receive the proper support you need.  You can also reach out to the National Domestic Violence Hotline at or 800.799.7233 to receive resources in your area. 


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